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Juan Carlos Marin, PhD

Juan Carlos Marin, PhD

I did my PhD at the Medicine Faculty, Universidad de Chile on Molecular systematic and phylogeography in South American camelids, between 2002 and 2004. Between 2005 and 2006 I worked as a postdoctoral research of Population Genetics of guanacos at the Scence Faculty, Universidad de Chile. I joined Universidad del Bio-Bio in 2007, and I am currently Associative Profesor of Basic Sciences Dapartment in Fernando May Campus from Chillan.

The main objective of our research have been centered to reconstruct the evolutionary history of South American mammals, especially mega mammals. Furthermore, and linking macro and microevolutionary studies, is also part of my line of research to understand the principles and processes that outline the distributions of genealogical lineages mainly at the intraspecific level, and also in applying genetical methods to problems in conservation and wildlife management. In connection with this, my last research projects have been related to Molecular systematic, phylogeography, genetics structure of the Hippocamelus bisulcus (dangerous Andean deer).

I am currently the President of the Society of Genetics (Sociedad de Biología de Chile, SOCHIGEN) and Vice-President of the Latin American Society of Genetics. I am member of the Sociedad de Biología de Chile, and was a founding member of the Sociedad Chilena de Evolución (SOCEVOL). I have also served on grant review committees in the Chile.

Genetic and Evolutionary History of South American Camelids
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